Top 10 Facts About Verizon

top 10 facts about verizon

The communications giant Verizon has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the most formidable companies in the world. Here are the top 10 facts about this global wireless carrier.

Top 10 Foot Locker Secrets and Tips

It should be no secret to get a proper fit in a sports shoe. Without a proper fit, participation in athletics, usually beneficial to one’s health, can become a health nightmare. Not everyone who enrolls their kids in sports has the Olympics in mind. Most parents just want their children to get involved in an activity they love and in which they excel. Not only does it build up a child’s stamina and overall health, but it also builds self-esteem. Until poor fit causes the child to stumble, that is. If the child’s coach is one of those overbearing types, s/he might just tell the kid to suck it up. Several overuse injuries later, the child – probably now a teen – has a chronic injury that may last for a lifetime. Not exactly what the parents – nor the child – bargained for. Foot Locker has begun to change that scenario. Its CEO, Ken Hicks, has focused on its shoes. Proof that he’s serious about fit is his chart, outlining Foot Locker’s tips and secrets to good fit – each categorized by sport. Here’s their tips for a good fit:

foot locker secrets and tips

Top 10 Animal Jam Secrets

Top 10 animal jam secrets

One usually doesn’t associate National Geographic with games gone viral, but their hit multi-player role-playing game, Animal Jam, has become a hit with America’s youth. It provides a child-friendly environment in which kids can enter into the world of animals, creating animal characters for themselves, engaging in chat and adventures, all while learning about the world of animals. A safe chat platform allows kids to connect with others who share their interest in animals. Here are 10 Animal Jam secrets to help you better enjoy playing the game.

Top 10 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

top-10-best-websites-to-watch-free-movies-online features the latest films. This site has some of the year’s most coveted new films. No downloading, no membership or registration is required for this site. Ads intrude a bit, but no more than those on your favorite TV programs. Easy to use, with a huge collection of titles, should be one of your go-to free film sites this year.

Top 10 DirectTV Tricks and Tips

top 10 directtv tricks and tips

One of the largest satellite TV providers in the U.S., DirectTV has created a guide full of tips and tricks to help viewers get the most out of their subscription. Here are the top 10 among these tips:

Top 10 Facts About Roblox

top 10 facts about roblox

Roblox, that popular multi-player-role playing game that kids and kids at heart throughout the world enjoy, provides players a way to stimulate their creative talents while having fun. Here are ten top facts about this online game:

Top 10 Google Chrome Tips and Secrets

top 10 google chrome tips and secrets

Google Chrome is one of the finest web browsers on the internet today. To get the most out of using this browser, take advantage of these Chrome secrets and tips:

Top Ten Tips for Shopping at Amazon

top ten tips for shopping at amazon

Shopping at can make what is usually a chore simple. You can order many of the things you need online through the retailer, saving you time and fuel costs by ordering from the comfort of your own home. Here are some ideas we’ve compiled from Buzzfeed and from our own experiences.

Top 10 Secret Places You Can’t Go

Room 39

Room 39. It’s believed to be a five billion dollar government organization dedicated to criminal activities, such as meth and heroin production, counterfeiting, fraud, weapons smuggling and human trafficking. This secretive office is thought to be located in Pyongyang, near the residence of Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Tesla Model S Car Fully Controlled by Apple Watch

The world’s first documented case of someone unlocking and starting a Tesla with just an Apple Watch app. The watch has almost full control over the car from opening the roof to turning on the air conditioning. And the craziest part is that this can all be done remotely.

You don’t even need to be near the car to issue the commands. It’s all communicated through the internet. The Remote S app was created by Allen Wong of Rego Apps LLC.