10 Relationship Rituals Couples Use To Stay Together

Use a message board to send positive vibes. Even though they have only been married for 10 months, Peter and Shannon have found the secret to marital bliss: showering each other with uplifting messages. Using a message board that fastens to the couple’s refrigerator, Shannon and Peter post sweet nothings and inspirational messages for each other on a daily basis. If they forget, they send the message by texting each other instead.

message board to send positive vibesMake up crazy nicknames for each other. It takes a great deal of effort on both people’s end to make a long-distance relationship work. Kristen and Adam, who have remained together despite the miles which part them at times, created a goofy couple name that they share when they message each other. Humor goes a long way towards soothing the pain of living in separate cities.