10 of the Weirdest Guinness Records Ever

Too much time on your hands? Try to top this. Many people ease their boredom by constructing houses made of playing cards. An Iowa man, Bryan Berg, took this leisure time activity to new levels when in 1992, he constructed a 75-story house made out of playing cards.

Bryan Berg 75 storey house

Bog snorkelling triathlon winner holds record for over 20 years. Begun in Wales as a barroom challenge, bog snorkelling is a race of snorkel-and-flipper-clad swimmers who must forgo normal swimming strokes to traverse their way through a 60-yard trench cut through a peat bog using only their flippers. The race evolved into a triathlon, which combines bog snorkelling with a three-mile foot race and a six-mile bike race through the mountains. In 1994, a man named Daniel Bent complete the course in just under two and one-half hours. His record for the triathlon has never been eclipsed.