Body Fixations That May Signal Mental Illness

It is normal to want to pluck stray hairs from your eyebrows, to shave your facial or body hair (if you like a clean-shaven look), or to bite your nails from time to time. Whether such behavior is everyday normal for you or something you indulge in infrequently during times of stress, you can relax. You’re normal. Here are some of the body fixations that may signal that you may want to seek help from a mental health professional.

Pulling out your hair

Pulling out your hair. Plucking the occasional stray hair isn’t a problem. Yet if you become obsessed with plucking, especially to a point at which you find yourself with bald spots, you should consult a mental health practitioner to see if you have trichotillomania, an excessive desire to pluck out body hairs. Generally, the condition is a neurological response to stress or sensory stimuli, particularly in people with high levels of anxiety or who have sensory processing issues.