Top Tablets in the United States in 2015

With tablets replacing the laptop as the device of choice for business people on the go, a leading technology magazine, TechRadar, has created a list of the 2015 top tablets in the U.S. With their suggestions, you can easily choose the one that best meets your needs.

iPad Air 2

For those of us who love us some Mac technology, it won’t come as a surprise that the magazine ranked the iPad Air 2 as its top pick among the 2015 top tablets in the U.S. One of the advantages of a tablet over a laptop is its size and weight. The Air 2 has even trimmed off some of the fat of its sleek predecessor to give users a seamless experience. An A8X processor gives the device a lot of power, while its screen provides a lifelike display. If you have $500 to shell out on a tablet, the Air 2 is the one to get.

Top 15 Unique Hotels You Must Visit

Magic Mountain Lodge Chile

A fairy tale in the midst of the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest. Originally a place for friends to stay while they enjoyed the hunting and fishing resources of the Hulio Hulio reserve, the name is from a favourite book of the owner.

Top 10 Fashion Designers

The top 10 fashion designers are a curious blend of the classically elegant with the quirky side of fashion. From Peter Copping’s classic elegance to the often-bizarre creations of John Galliano, these top designers offer something for everyone’s tastes.

Peter Copping – with a year under his belt at his new firm, Oscar de la Renta, creative director Peter Copping continues the de la Renta tradition of understated elegance. With satin ball gowns and sleek tailored suits that hearken back to midcentury modern design, Copping brought down the house with his Fall 2015 collection this spring.

15 Healthy Foods Which Must Be in Your Menu

It’s a challenge to get your family to eat healthy. Yet many of the healthy foods which must be in your menu are not only great choices nutrition-wise, but are also tasty additions to any meal. Here’s fifteen of the healthy foods that should find their way onto your weekly grocery shopping list.

Black beans are one of the finest non-animal sources of protein. Their high fiber content makes these legumes an essential ingredient in your weekly menu. High in anthocyanins and folate, this superfood boosts your immune system and your nervous system.

15 Tips About How to Make Money Fast

In today’s shifting economy, you may find yourself in need of some quick cash. How to raise that cash without breaking the law can be quite a challenge. Yet don’t despair. Here are some tips on how to make money fast by putting your talents and your assets to work for you.

Sell old jewelry

Sell your old jewelry. You may (literally) have a gold mine on your hands if you have some pieces of jewelry that you can bear to part with. You may be surprised what your old wedding bands or diamond earrings may be worth. Sterling silverware and other items made of precious metal or jewels may also fetch you some needed cash.