Top 10 DirectTV Tricks and Tips

One of the largest satellite TV providers in the U.S., DirectTV has created a guide full of tips and tricks to help viewers get the most out of their subscription. Here are the top 10 among these tips. Download and print the guide. In DirectTV’s guide itself, there’s a form for you in which you can enter all of the important information about your equipment and your subscription. When something goes wrong and it will this guide will help you locate all of the information that the technical support person needs to help you restore your service.

top 10 directtv tricks and tips

Check out DirectTV’s information channe. Before you start binge watching your favorite series, tune your set into Channel 1001 to discover all of the ways to get the most bang for your TV buck. Instructional videos steer you in the right direction to learn to use the on-screen program guide, to use all of the buttons on your remote, and to take advantage of all of the provider’s advanced features.