Top 10 Secret Places You Can’t Go

Ise Grand Shrine. This ancient Shinto Shrine is dedicated to Amaterasu, the goddess of the universe, and ancestor of the Japanese Imperial Family, who are responsible for providing the chief priestess or priest who watches over the site. The inner shrine is said to contain a holy artifact, the Sacred Mirror of Amaterasu, a ancient symbol of the royal family representing wisdom and honesty.

Ise Grand Shrine

The Mormon Church’s Secret Vault. Blasted deep into the side of Granite Mountain, is a temperature & humidity controlled storage facility containing over 3 billion pages worth of data. For over 100 years the Church of Latter Day Saints has been meticulously gathering and archiving genealogy records on most Americans. They freely share the information online and give tours of the front of the vault, but the secret chambers deep within the mountain are strictly off limits.