Top 15 Strange and Shocking Professions

Most people prepare all their lives for a challenging profession that brings in financial rewards together with job satisfaction. They go to school, often do internships, and then enter into the workforce well prepared. The most of these professions are frankly predictable. Doctors, lawyers, personal assistants, barbers, chefs, and construction workers are only a few of the jobs that people hold down to earn a living. There are, however, some strange and honestly shocking professions that some creative people have chosen to do for a living. Here are fifteen of them:

Toque Administrator

Toque Administrator. The latest fad in Mexico is to pay a toque administrator to give you a mild electrical shock. The administrator uses a box containing batteries and a transformer to administer shocks to people. Each shock costs approximately three dollars. Fans claim that the shock provides a rush of adrenalin, enabling them to better enjoy the high life.