Top 15 Strange and Shocking Professions

Professional Camp Luggage Organizer. From the rough and rugged to the pampered children of midtown Manhattan, this next job simply shocks with its sheer overindulgence. Wealthy matrons whose children are bound for summer camp pay organizers up to $1000 per child to pack their little darlings’ belongings into their suitcase into an arrangement that looks like a neat-freak masterpiece.

Professional Camp Luggage Organizer

Oshiya. Other hazards of city life are crowded buses, subways, and trains. In Japan, though, they have figured out a way to get even more people on to their trains. They hire special workers, called oshiyas, to push people into the trains, particularly during peak traffic hours. Students looking to earn extra cash are the usual workforce in this sector. Not exactly a great addition to their post-education resumé, though, unless they plan to work for a sardine packinghouse.