Top 15 Strange and Shocking Professions

Pet Food Taster. If you ever were the victim of a dare to eat your dog’s food when you were a child, you may have an idea of the “ick factor” professional pet food tasters endure every day. Pet food tasters, many of whom have advanced degrees, taste Fido’s food, evaluating it for improved flavor over the previous version. They also evaluate the food for suitability for each type of animal by determining the nutritional value of the food. Tasters usually spit out the food after tasting, since pet food is not designed to nourish humans.

Pet Food Taster

Snake Milker. Drug companies use venomous snakes to produce the antivenin for their own venom. To extract the venom, a highly-trained professional snake milker induces the snake to bite through a jar topped with rubber or other material its fangs can penetrate. The snake milker then collects the venom as it drips through the jar. The venom of some snakes is also used to make other medications as well.