Top Smartphones in the USA in 2015

PC Magazine has come out with its list of the 2015 top 10 smartphones in the U.S. The wow factor of each of the entries is stellar. I’m reminded of my calculus professor, who helped us dare to dream with his prediction, “Someday, we’ll have computers no bigger than a pocket calculator that can do differential calculus with just the touch of a button.” It turns out, Dr. Braithwaite, that not only can they do differential calculus, they can do oh-so-much more. A geek’s dream come true.

Apple iPhone 6

The magazine used a five-star rating system, as opposed to ranking them from one to 10. None of the phones earned five stars, but five of them received the “Editors’ Choice” designation. Six of them received four and one-half stars. The Apple iPhone 6 in its Verizon Wireless incarnation is one of those top selections. Surf the Web from its 4.7-inch screen on your iOS 8 operating system. Its just-right size, sterling reputation, and sensible price ($199) makes it a top choice for 2015 smartphone buyers.