Top Ten Tips for Shopping at Amazon

top ten tips for shopping at amazon

Shopping at can make what is usually a chore simple. You can order many of the things you need online through the retailer, saving you time and fuel costs by ordering from the comfort of your own home. Here are some ideas we’ve compiled from Buzzfeed and from our own experiences.

top ten tips for shopping at amazon1

Group your purchases to get free shipping. One of the costliest things about ordering online is the shipping costs. On Amazon, though, you can wait to order your merchandise until you’ve reached the minimum amount that qualifies for free shipping. As the old saying reminds us, “Good things come to those that wait.” That’s doubly true on Amazon. Bonus: If books are among your purchases, you may qualify for a lower minimum than if you purchased other merchandise.

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Receive cash back if the price goes down. If you received an item you ordered, only to find out that the price dropped between the time you ordered it and the time you received it, notify Amazon’s customer service department. But do so quickly. Purchases only qualify if you report the incident within seven days of your receiving the item. This guarantee doesn’t apply to third-party sellers.

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Find a better deal after you buy? Amazon will refund you the difference. If you purchased an item from, and then saw that the item was on sale at another store for less, contact Amazon’s customer service department within 14 days of the item’s shipping date. Document the sale price with a screenshot or a scan of the clipping to make sure you have proof.

top ten tips for shopping at amazon4

If you don’t mind pre-owned or pre-opened, there’s bargains to be had. Not only does offer great deals on new merchandise, but you can also score fabulous prices on used merchandise, as well as returned and open box items. Click on “used” to look at the pre-owned merchandise, and Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse for the open box and returned merchandise.

top ten tips for shopping at amazon5

Trade in your old merchandise for Amazon gift cards. If you use Amazon quite a bit for your purchases, store credit is as good as cash. Amazon offers you the opportunity to trade in your older gadgets for Amazon credit, which you can use to buy the stuff you really need.

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Report broken or non-working merchandise to Amazon for a replacement. Amazon’s customer service department provides customers replacement products if you receive an item that doesn’t work or is damaged. Notify them immediately, and they will either refund you for the product or ship you another product without your having to return the defective merchandise. Third-party sellers will usually refund your money within three business days.

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Amazon prime fast shipping available to family members. If you’re hesitant about signing up for Amazon Prime, share part of the fee with as many as four of your family members. They’ll get fast, free shipping, as will you. Music and video watching privileges, however, do not transfer. Family members will need to know your birthdate to join in the savings.

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Save on state sales tax. If you buy from a third-party seller, you may not have to pay sales tax on your purchases. You will, however, have to report these to the IRS when you do your year-end taxes.

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Students can save with Amazon and Amazon Prime. University students may be able to save money on textbooks by searching for the book in an Amazon website located in a foreign country. Savings may well pay for the increased shipping costs. Students can also receive six months’ worth of membership in Amazon Prime absolutely free. Just don’t forget to cancel at the end of that time period to avoid paying the additional membership fee. You’ll need to provide your university email address to qualify.

top ten tips for shopping at amazon10

Purchase gifts with Amazon’s handy Wishlist Tool. Encourage friends and family to register for Amazon’s Wish List. The next time a holiday or birthday rolls around, all you’ll need to do is glance at their Wish List for a complete readout of items they want. Help out your family by signing up for your own Wish List as Well.